The Balkanization of Sri Lanka
by Victor Gunasekara

In the article (reproduced below) Dr Gunadasa Amarasekera sees the impending "Balkanization" of Sri Lanka as an "international plot". While international elements (NGOs as well as foreign governments) are no doubt interested in dismembering Sri Lanka they can only do so if the internal conditions are ripe for such a move. There is no international plot to Balkanize India, and this is because the power and the policies of the Government of India are sufficiently strong to make such a "plot" futile. In Sri Lanka the situation is the reverse. Both GOSL and ultimately the Helas who have largely elected the successive SL governments have been unable to eliminate the LTTE which is a relatively small insurgent group. Commentators like Dr Amarasekera should investigate why GOSL has not only been impotent in the face of the insurgency but has actually facilitated the separatists to achieve their goal.

There is of course no need to criticise Dr Amarasekera's advocacy to maintain the unitary state which the British bequethed to the country, or his critique of the subtle and not-so-subtle efforts to establish a racially-based Federal system. The criticism that has to be made of his argument is his failure to explain why the international plot to balkanize is suceeding in Sri Lanka and not in any other country in the Asian region. The blame for this state of affairs likes squarely with the majority Sinhelas and the mentality that has motivated them since the Great Hela Revolution of 1956.

International Plot to Balkanize Sri Lanka

By Dr. Gunadasa Amarasekera

"The Tiger terrorism should not be identified as an ethnic conflict or a language problem. It is an international conspiracy. Within it there is a counter conspiracy launched by India. The main objective behind the conspiracy lead by the super powers is to balkanize this country to two or three pieces while weakening the strength of the majority Sinhalese to make this land a slave state. They know that their plan cannot be implemented effectively as long as the Sinhalese and the minorities in this country stand together. Therefore, to achieve their objective, they continue to advise us that we should not try to build a unitary Sri Lanka but our destiny lies in a balkanized version. After implementing their scheme, it is very easy to wield power over each unit to get them under their fold."

I wrote the above piece in my book Ganadura medin dakinemi arunalu which was published 30 years ago. The statement I made then was rejected by some saying that I was indulging in a fantasy. Yet, when looking at the unfolding events this is no longer a fantasy. It is indeed the reality facing us today. I think that to understand the reality we have to use the term " international conspiracy" in place of ethnic conflict. We can also now have a better understanding of the parties to the conspiracy .It is very clear that apart from the USA, the UK, Japan and Norway, our neighbour, India too is among the conspiring parties. 

These international conspirators used only a single strategy for last so many years to achieve their objective. That is to force the Sri Lankan Government to confer to the Tamil racists a federal state to the North or to the North and the East. They did not have any doubt that after sometime such a federal state will pave way for a separate country.  

They used the notion that there is an ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka as the foundation of their strategy. The gist of their concept was that the majority Sinhalese in this country has carried out discriminatory practices on the Tamil minority. Even though they failed to explain factually the so called discrimination of the Tamils, the international conspirators succeeded in getting the power hungry Sinhalese politicians to repeat loudly their "charge sheet". Chandrika Kumaratunga and  Ranil Wickramasinghe competed with each other when they were vocal nationally and internationally to publicize" Tamil discrimination" theme of the plotters. Judging by recent events we wonder whether Mahinda Rajapaksa too is planning to be a member of this unholy alliance. 

These foreigners told us that only way to separate the Tamils cause from the Tiger Terrorists is to confer federalism. To spread this "great discovery" they pumped dollars to a number of foundations and organizations in Sri Lanka to make use of slavish professors and likes of them. These "foundations" or the parasitic professors never defined and explained the problems faced by the Tamils on account of "discrimination". With the passage of time, even the Tamils have rejected this canard and have now substituted discrimination with "Tamil Aspirations"". 

The main tool used by the international conspirators to force the Sinhala political leaders to follow "federal solution" was the threat of controlling international aid. These four colonial powers appointed themselves as co-chairs of the peace process in Sri Lanka. What these four had been telling Sri Lanka is that we should sit with the LTTE and come into a negotiated settlement.

Many can remember how they offered 4 billion odd dollars and almost threatened Sri Lanka to take steps to fulfill the dreams of the Tigers. As Prabakaran knows well of the agenda of the conspirators and the nature of spineless Sinhala politicians, he continues to state loudly that his aim is a separate country or an interim government of the North-East. 

The international conspirators had to lick their wounds when their loyal slave Ranil Wickramsinghe failed to deliver the goods for them. When Mahinda Rajapakse was elected, the international community realized that it is not prudent to change the strategy. They have now added more tactics other than the funding. 

The dangerous scenario now unfolding should be understood by us on the basis of the new strategy employed by them. What is the new strategy to be used by the international conspirators? 

The new strategy is to carry out an international propaganda to show that in Sri Lanka there is a massacre of civilians and mass scale violation of human rights under the Presidency of Mahinda Rajapakse.   

To achieve this objective, a massive propaganda blitz was launched soon after the air force attacked  a Tiger training base publicizing that a school was bombed. The report about the killing of 17 NGO members was also a part of the same agenda.

The statements relating to bombing a hospital in Killinochchi and an orphanage in Vakarai too were used to discredit the Sri Lankan Government. The closure of theA9 road and the cooked up stories of the human misery caused are the latest in a series of a stage managed program. The climax was reached when Alan Rock, a well-known LTTE sympathizer from Canada was sent to Sri Lanka as a representative of the UN and a report was released directing allegations at the Sri Lankan  Government for helping the recruitment of soldiers. The publicity to this anti-Sri Lanka propaganda was given internationally by the international community, while their NGO team, the so-called war veterans and Tamil racists handled it locally. 

The primary objective of these allegations was to tell the world that the Sri Lankan Government too follows the same model as Prabahkaran"s with human rights violations with scant regard to the rule of law and therefore the Mahinda Rajapakse Government rule is indeed a failed state. 

The international community has successfully constructed the gloomy and callous picture of Sri Lanka and it is being circulated effectively. It is self deceiving to believe that  various commissions appointed by the Government can defeat the deceit perpetrated on Sri Lanka. 

What are the intentions of the callous propaganda circulated by the international community? What is their objective? It is to bring in a Peace Keeping Force to redirect Sri Lanka to democracy ,as the "barbarous government is permitting massacre of people". (Similar to the steps taken in Iraq) The incidents arising from the fourth Eelam war too will help such a plan.

The international community has by now found through experience that the most effective and the only way to break up countries was by using this "peace keeping force" method. This is what they did in Afghanistan. This is what they did to Iraq. They did this to Sudan. This is what they will do to Sri Lanka. 

It is believed that for the success of above strategy the wheel is going to be handed over the UK from Norway. The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair has all the qualifications to assume this role. It was Blair who sometime ago said that the Western democratic forces have the right to invade any country irrespective of its sovereignty, if the human rights are violated. Isn"t the father of this protocol the best person to be entrusted with the assignment? 

In this scenario of realities confronted by the country, what is the alternative we can follow? Do we have an alternative? If there is no alternative, we have to accept that this is the end of our Nation. 

If there is an alternative, it is indeed it is a struggle for national liberation. There is no other choice. But does the Nation have the will for such a struggle? Will a nation whose every sinew was wounded by the colonialists in her four hundred years struggle have the strength to withstand the latest "invasion"? What our present leaders project is that our Nation no longer has this WILL. Is there an invisible WILL in our Nation? I am not in a position to give an answer to this question.

Irrespective of the answer to the question we have to proceed with our program to protect our nation in the belief that there is a NATIONAL WILL. In the present situation without banking on results we have to do our sacred duty by the Nation.