Why are there 'Traitors Everywhere'?

In the following post, widely circulated in this forum, L. Jayasooriya (LJ) says that no country in the world has as many traitors, both within the ruling circles as well as in the opposition, as in Sri Lanka. I do not want to contest this view. However like many others who bemoan this fact there is no explanation given for this phenomenon. Most of these traitors are Sinhelas (q.v), not Tamils or Muslims. So the question arises: Why is it that the Sinhelas have become the most traitor-prone nation in the world? There is no answer for this in LJ's post. However I have been advancing a hypothesis which explains this unpleasant fact. Before I come to this I must look at some of the logic in LJ's post.

LJ wants to compile a list of traitors who could be sent to a 'People's Court' for "diagnosis and treatment". Perhaps this People's Court could dispense justice like Pol Pot's or Castro's People's Courts! To identify traitors we need a definition of the term and LJ conveniently provides one. He suggests two criteria:

  1. Those who call for "power sharing". Whether the power sharing is with the LTTE or with minorities does not matter; both kinds are treated as traitors.
  2. Those who call for "devolution". The degree of devolution, whether Confederalism, Federalsim or some kind of devolution within a nominally unitary state, is not mentioned. So one would have to assume that all proponents of devolution are traitors.
Strictly speaking there is no real difference between these two criteria. Power sharing is simply an aspect of devolution, and the distribution of powers would be defined by the Constitution. So we shall combine these two criteria and speak of those asking for devolution (q.v) as 'traitors' under the LJ definition. It is curious that LJ does not define anyone asking for outright separation as being a traitor. Thus Prabhakaran who is not asking for devolution or for power sharing but for outright separation would not be a traitor according to LJ's definition! But then Prabhakaran presumably will not fare well in LJ's People's Court.

For one who wants to send the traitors to face a People's Court one would expect that some specific persons would be mentioned. The first person mentioned is Akashi who LJ says has threatened SL with UN troops. But Akashi has been accepted as a person mediating the "peace process" by GOSL! As a Japanese diplomat it may be difficult to arraign him before the People's Court. LJ next mentions Prof G.L. Peiris as the person who introduced devolution. LJ is wrong here. Devolution was introduced by none other than the Solomon Banadarnaike the father of Great Hela Revolution (q.v) to get out of a tight corner of his own making. But since GLP has become a "bankaloth perakadoruwa" his place has been taken by Tissa Vitharana , the Chairman of the All Party Representatives Committee. But this gentleman owes his position to GOSL.

LJ seems to have made an exception of President Rajapakse. One would have thought that the advocacy of "maximum devolution" in the Mahinda Chintanaya would make its author come within the devolution criterion of LJ's definition. He attributes all this to the UNP and to "traitors within the Government". But the jumbo Cabinet, which presumably contains persons LJ would treat as traitors, is a unique creation the President and he should take responsibility of persons within it, just as he has taken responsibility for sacking a few of them recently. Herein lies the inexplicable contradiction in LJ's logic.

We may conclude in looking at why the Sinhelas have become the most traitor-prone nation in the world. This is simply a consequence of the abandonment of classical Sinhala values and the adoption of racist and religionist values as a result of the Portuguese encounter in the sixteenth century. This has led to the rise of what we have termed the neo-Sinhala mentality (q.v). An aspect of this mentality which became very pronounced after the its triumph in the Great Hela Revolution is the development of a mercenary attitude based on pure greed. I have termed this phenomenon dhanapalism (q.v). Many of the Sinhelas who have become Helakoti (q.v) or Jesuhela (q.v) have done so by succumbing to material inducements offered by those wanted to destroy the classical Sinhala culture and values. With the rise of the Sinhelas they have actually succeeded in this.

So while LJ drawing attention to "TRAITORS EVERYWHERE" is certainly timely, his analysis of the phenomenon leaves much to be desired.


Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 8:16:43 PM


There has never been and it is unlikely that there ever will be any country in this world where there are such large numbers of traitors both within the inner citadels of power in the government and those within the opposition who are jointly conspiring to destroy the country as is now happening in our motherland.

These traitors have collaborated with our enemies to use external force on our government to partition our country and have even threatened us with the use of UN troops to achieve that aim using the International Community as defined by these traitors. The glaring example is that phenomenon called Akashi who actually threatened us with the use of UN troops. He has come here 13 times and I have told him what I thought of him several times in these columns.

Our priority should be to identify the traitors by name and compile a comprehensive list of the enemy within so that very soon we could send them before a People's Court for diagnosis and treatment. That is the only way we can rid our country of this curse. I shall now give the criteria for the identification of traitors.

Watch out for those who call for "power sharing" without mentioning with whom. If they say "power sharing" with the LTTE then they have proved without doubt to be traitors. If they say "power sharing" with the minorities the latter already have more members in parliament than their numbers warrant. On that count too they are traitors. If they mean power sharing with the Tamils who have prospered because of the patronizing of their businesses by the Singhalese they are traitors on two counts. One is by asking the Singhalese on whose good will the Tamils have prospered to destroy the unitary state by dividing the country on ethnic grounds and the other is the hypocrisy in advocating to the Singhalese a suicidal action that no country in the world would ever adopt, an example being President Bush proposing "power sharing" with the southern Americans of Mexican origin or "power sharing" with the "blacks" of America because both happen to be minorities and different from the majority white so-called Anglo Saxons.

Another point to watch is the proposal for devolution which was first introduced into our country by GL Peiris who wrote "package" after "package" and failed in every attempt. The time he gave up writing any more packages was when a letter to the Island Editor titled "The evil nature of the draft constitution" appeared in the Island on Friday 25th April 1997. There it was revealed that his proposal was to vest all land in the various regions and all these regions are given the power to have their own independent police force. Once all land is vested in the regions the armed forces and the police of the government will naturally be confined to Kotte. In addition the various regions are given the power to deal directly with foreign governments with regard to foreign investments.

With absolute contempt for the entire nation and as a sop to the entire nation GL Peiris has made provisions that there shall be no separation from the "Union of Regions" comprising the Republic of Sri Lanka and that every citizen has the freedom of movement and choosing his residence within Sri Lanka. All that he wrote knowing very well that those "safeguards" can never be enforced in view of the powers he has given to the regions.  The intent of the draft constitution by GL Peiris should now be clear to anybody including a school child. Today GL Peiris is like a bankaloth perakadoruwa. All his gas is gone.

The power is now taken up by Tissa Vitharana, the Chairman of the All Party Representatives Committee, who gave a talk on the present state of the APRC at the OPA (Organization of Professional Associations) on March 27, 2007 where he described the division of powers between the Centre and the Regions under devolution in respect of water, among other issues. From what we know his other issues are not different from those of GL Peiris. He has said that somebody has leaked his report and has handed over a copy of it to the President of the Institute of Engineers. Has he handed over that report to the government? We do not know.

Having failed in the direct route, the traitors in the UNP with the assistance of traitors within the government now want to try a "fast one" and that is to get our President Mahinda Rajapakse to agree to something as harmless as taking a pencil and drawing a boundary within which say any person can wear the verti and the pottu even though the freedom to do so already exists throughout the country.  With that one simple pencil line the unitary state is destroyed and in areas where the Tamils are in a majority they will declare UDI (unilateral declaration of independence) which will be instantly recognized by the International Community as defined by the traitors. That is why the traitors are advocating the re-merger of the Northern Province and the Eastern Province so that the majority in the combined regions will be Tamils. The danger of drawing any boundary line should now be clear. The President should be made aware of this sinister plan if we are to avoid the disintegration of the country by the UNP in particular aided by the traitors in the government itself.

L. Jayasooriya