More on the GOSL Game Plan

Given below are brief reactions to my analysis of the Game Plan of the Army as revealed by General Sarath Fonseka. They are from L. Jayasooriya, Ananda Jayasinghe, Chand Wije, and Mohn Senaratne who constitute a representative sampling of the Patriot Lobby. Their reactions are always instructive and I shall comment briefly on them.

L. Jayasooriya sees the revelation of the Game Plan as a "master stroke". Unfortunately he says he does not want to divulge his reasons, so his statement is in a sense useless. He seems to think that this Plan will confuse the LTTE. Unfortunately the LTTE has enough spies in the top echelons of the armed forces to know what the real Game Plan is. I feel that this Game Plan is more for the consumption of the public and the Patriot Lobby. Perhaps it was meant to counter the recent bad news like the air attacks and the naval attack on Delft. But saying what is intended to happen cannot counter what has actually happened. LJ also says that General Fonseka's statement should be related to "all other statements by GOSL". As many contradictory statements have been made at various times by GOSL doing so will only add to the confusion!

Ananda Jayasinghe can always be relied to provide some comic relief. He says that the Game Plan is to "keep everybody in the dark". Since everybody includes himself I take it that he is in the dark. He again repeats his end-of-year prediction but we will have to await for a few more months to see if it takes place. Then we can remind him of his prediction!

Chand Wije once again acknowledges God Vishnu's help. This is not in General Fonseka's Game Plan. As he seems to have a direct line to this God why does he not ask his God to transform Prabha into a lump of stone and for good measure send 10 of this choicest thunderbolts at it.

Mohn Senaratne says that there is enough in the General's statement "for those who think rationally". No doubt he counts himself amongst these rational thinkers, but it is a pity he has not expanded on his thinking for the benefit of us non-rational thinkers!

What is more to the point is that Mohn has appended an Al Jazeera article by Teymoor Nabili which I had not seen before. This contains an interview with the President during his recent Middle East visit. Here are some quotes from that article (in blue) followed by my comments:

This interview completely vindicates my interpretation of the Game Plan. The rest of Nabili's article are comments on the root of the conflict and on current themes like abductions. They are not of much interest.

Victor Gunasekara

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Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 3:10 AM
Subject: Re: The Game Plan of the SL Military

The Army commander revealing his battle plans in public is a master stroke because no commander will ever do such a thing. Though he has said very little there is enough in it to satisfy me for reasons I am not going to divulge. There is also enough in it to confuse the LTTE.

To build up a picture one should relate the statement of the Army commander to all other statements made by the GOSL with regard to the LTTE.

L. Jayasooriya

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Sent: Friday, June 01, 2007 5:58 AM
Subject: Re: The Game Plan of the SL Military

Quite right, there is enough substance in that interview for those who could think rationally ! Attached is txt of an interview with the captain seen on Aljazeera. Also url for latest you-tube report from the east. Notice exclusive access given to Arab Aljazeera but not CNN, ABC or BBC ? Presume there are many ways to skin a cat !


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PLEASE DREAM UNTIL END OF THIS YEAR. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ananda Jayasinghe

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Considering where we were in pre-2005 December We all could be so please with what has happened so far. The soldiers and God Vishnu helping us...

That is the only way I could understand why the country did not end up in Prabakaran's hand.