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Eviction of Tamils from Colombo

The farce of the eviction of Tamils suspected of being LTTE agents from Colombo has once again revealed the absurdity of the MahindaR Government.  Having made this decision, and the International Community (IC) and the peaceniks had made the predicted uproar, GOSL not only recinded the order but blamed the Police for having undertaken the measure.  It is not likely that the Police would not have taken such an action without the express agreement of the Government.  But GOSL has made the Police scapegoats for their own decision.  This shows several things:
In the post below Susantha Goonetilake accuses Ranil of getting his ideas from his wife Maithri.  From where does he think that MahindaR gets his ideas?
Darmita-Kotte says that the deported Tamils had no reason for their stay in Colombo.  But did they not claim that they were refugees from the LTTE?  It was a boast of GOSL and the Patriot Lobby that the South gives  sanctuarly to Tamils harassed by the LTTE, and that Tamils and Sinhelas live peacefully in the South. Would not this action shoot that claim to pieces.  If the deported Tamils were indeed accomplices of the LTTE they should have been tried for that offence, not simply sent to LTTE areas where they could rejoin the LTTE?
The problem of D-K's analogy of the present situation with what the belligerants due in incacerating aliends during the WWII, and with what happens in Iraq is that in those instances there is a formal declaration of war and international law allows for the detentions of enemy nationals. But in SL there is a formal peace treaty (CFA) with the LTTE.  GOSL has not repudiated this treaty despite repeated appeals for it to do so.  The LTTE is not a banned terrorist organization in SL.  So people who are members of the LTTE cannot be prosecuted for being members of a banned organization, as happens in Western countries which have banned Al Quaeda as a terrorist organization.  So these arguments of D-K are weak arguments.
What UNP atrocities gainst the JVP (e.g. Batalande) are now being trotted against the UNP the same thing thing was done by the SLFP of Sirimavo during the first JVP uprising. So why is the SLFP not being criticised by Susantha and D-K.  Besides when the Rohana Wijeweera was killed after his capture the who nation celebrated with fire-crackers.  So it is not surprising that these critics are now raising the UNP atrocities in the suppression of the second JVP insurrection.
What the farce of the eviction of Tamils has revealed is that GOSL has absolutely no plan to handling the LTTE threat to Colombo.  We know that it has not real Game Plan when it comes to the war in the Vanni, merely knee-jerk bombing of targets from the air. But Claymore boms in Colombo is a different story.  This is likely to spread panic among the Sinhelas. So this action is aimed at assuaging the Sinhelas, and show that GOSL is doing something about it.  We have to await the next atrocity to see if it will work.
Victor Gunasekara


From: Susantha Goonatilake []
Sent: Saturday, June 09, 2007 12:50 PM
Subject: RE: Strange Combination in Parliament Against Government's Repatriation of Suspect Tamils to North

Mahinda has now issued an order reversing the eviction from lodges. An intelligent government should weigh all the issues before it takes action. I am told that some of the people in the lodges were people who had run away from the LTTE. The police had also got the elderly and old people to go, whom I think by any stretch of the imagination would not be Tiger bombers. Both the govt and the UNP are a clumsy set of buffoons. The number sent back is small but was blown out of proportion by interested parties including internationally. Imagine Ranil whose govt killed 60,000 weeping over 300 sent back. Imagine US which killed 800,000 in Iraq deploring this small but stupid action. The govt should have made a press statement at the begining. The biggest joke was Rajitha whose actions in the 1987-90 period are known weeping and accusing Ranil in Parliament of killing 60,000! I have been wondering where Ranil gets his ideas (exaggerating the issue to eviction of Jews!). I am inclined to believe it is from his wife Maithri a close ally of Kumari Jayawardene.



Subject: Strange Combination in Parliament Against Government's Repatriation of Suspect Tamils to North
Date: Fri, 8 Jun 2007 20:15:15 +0100


Strange Combination in Parliament Against Government’s Repatriation of Suspect Tamils to North

By Darmitha-Kotte

Strange and indecent things happened in The August House of The Sri Lankan Parliament on 7th June 2007- the TNA, UNP and JVP stood together, to criticize the government decision to provide transport and repatriate suspect Tamils without adequate justification of their lingering in Colombo back to North and East. Let us assume that everyone is against the steps taken by the Security Forces and the Government. But all citizens of this country are in the throes of probable LTTE terrorist attacks against the very civilian citizens who are against the repatriation- it could very well be any one of us who might become an innocent victim of their bloody brutality. In such a scenario, would any one of like to accept our destiny at the hands of terrorism? Was the action of the Government against an ethnic group or was it against suspected terrorism? If it is terrorism, then what is the beholden duty of a democratically elected Government- to protect and nurture terrorism or to eliminate terrorism?

When the LTTE commenced their “ethnic cleansing campaign” against the Sinhalese and Muslims from the North and East in the late 1970s-early 1980s period, was there anyone who opposed their ethnic oriented animosity and atrocities- including the TNA,Mr. T.Mahesweran, Mr.Ranil Wickramasinghe and UNP or the JVP? Was that not a blatant action against “ethnicity”? Was there anyone at that time or even now,those who now take up arms) who spoke of human rights violations or child rights against abductions? Were not those Sinhala-Muslim victims truly and honestly innocent victims of terrorism?

What happened in The August House of Parliament on 7th June 2007 is not the first time, when parliamentarians behaved in an indecent manner against the dignity of Parliament? Through 2006-2007(todate) the TNA has created many an unruly behavioral pattern when an action is taken against terrorism or terrorist onslaughts. There is no doubt that the TNA is the mouthpiece of LTTE terrorism within the parliamentary system of this country-but, there is a certain amount of decency that we expect from UNP parliamentarians who are led by a highly disciplined and decent leader-Mr.Wickramasinghe! One of these days, instead removing his shirt only, we might find Mr. Mahesweran baring his everything when he needs to drive home “a point of unreasonableness” if this kind of behaviour is permitted to continue-better to watch out and have a fig leaf ready to avoid embarrassment to children who might view this indecency on TV.

The history of the JVP movement in this country before entering democratic politics was nothing short of what the LTTE is doing through 30 years- there was an abundance of human rights violations and insults-ofcourse that was not targeted against Tamils but against the southern Sinhalese! Therefore, they know exactly what and how atrocities are committed- they also know as a result, what they themselves suffered.

At the time they shot at point blank, government officials in the presence of their families- was there an aorta of humaneness in those actions? The acts of civil disobedience and distruction they conducted during those dark years are today, raising their heads through Trade Unions and their activities as well as disruptions to university education!

During the peak of UNP governance during the 1977-1994 era and subsequently during 2001-2004 era of Mr. Wickramasinghe, how many thousands of southern youth were eliminated in the name of eliminating JVP activities( through which they actually eliminated more of their other adversaries) and ofcourse the very famous Batalande horrors, did anyone have the right to speak out of media freedom or civilian rights?

Terrorism has no ‘ethnicity” but plain brutality, therefore it is the bounden duty of all peace loving citizens together with our parliamentary representatives whom we have elected, to protect this entire nation when facing a terrorist crisis. It was extremely interesting to listen and see on print the comments made by Mr. Rajitha Senaratne who has seen the best and worst sides of the UNP through different eras when he spoke about his former leader Mr. Wickramasinghe and his attitude while he was in power! Those who travel with “convoys of body guards” cannot understand the miseries of innocent civilians at the hands of terrorist bomb blasts or atrocities. These protections are given to them at State expense and it is a shame that such protection is given to those who promote terrorism and indecency. Why don’t such parliamentarians lead normal unprotected lives without all the fanfare of privileges and roam the streets like any of us, and experience the anxiety and insecurity? Wickramabahu Karunaratne and the likes could also join this gang instead of talking nonsense.