BSQ Current Information

The Buddhist Society of Queensland
Current Position

The history of the BSQ is outlined in the section on its History in this web page. This note clarifies the latest position in this regard.

Ever since its inception the BSQ was not a religious organization but one dedicated to the study of the teachings of the founder of Buddhism Siddhartha Gotama . It did not impose any religious bar on membership, and persons were free to practice the ethical and psychological teachings of the Buddha as they thought fit. The Society also gave out information on other Buddhist groups in Queensland. The BSQ had never been an incorporated Society under any Law. Hence the use of the term 'Society' in relation to the BSQ is different from its usage for duly incorporated Societies.

Some of these activities have now been taken over by other Buddhist groups and by the Buddhist Council of Queensland which has been acting as an umbrella organization for several years now. The BSQ has not been a member of this Council. Accordingly the BSQ is now operating as an internet group dedicated to the original purposes of the group, i.e. as a study group.

For several years now the Society has dispensed with its formal organization as a Society in the normal usage of that term. Thus there is no financial membership, no Annual General Meetings, no elected Office Bearers. The official journal of the BSQ has ceased publication since 1996.

Persons interested in Buddhism will continue to function as an informal group with contact through the internet. This can be done through the Electronic membership of the Group. This is similar to the thousands other discussion groups operating via the Internet. There is no religious bar to participation in the Group, and as mentioned already the BSQ had never been a religious organization, and there are no fees or any other obligations. Those interested can register through the Home Page of the Group.

The Web page of the Group has been revised to make clear that it is not an organized Society. This has been made necessary because of the use of unrevised information by certain paties for malicious purposes.