Hela Page

This Page will be devoted to articles written in the Hela language using the Roman script.

The Hela language is a derivative of the Sinhala language which belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. Migrants from India to Sri Lanka brought their language with them but it developed independently in the course of several centuries.

Hela is a derivative of Sinhala and came in to prominence in the twentieth century.  It is still largely the old Sinhala language which Sanskrit derivatives being omitted. However it has developed an indigenous word stock not known to other Indic languages.

Hela uses the old Sinhala script but has also been Romanized. The Romanization scheme adopted here is a modification of the well-known system for Romanization of Indian languages like Sanskrit and Pali.



  1. Romanization Tables and Notes (in English)
  2. Background to Hela (in Hela)
  3. Hela Doctrine and the Nation State (in Hela)