This Page listing MANUSSA Blogs was started on 1 June 2007. It is set out as a table. The ID column gives a unique number identifying the blog, the DATE column gives the date of posting, the TITLE column identifies the subject and the NOTES column gives Notes and additional information on the blog including the article if it is a comment based on an article (wich is usually reproduced at the end of the blog). The items are listed chronologically in descending order of date of posting. Unless otherwise stated these blogs are written by the Convenor of the MANUSSA Page. If the author is different the name of the author will be given in the NOTES column.

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m08 20 November 07 Is Buddhism a Religion?A comment on the view that the original Buddhism is a religion
m08b 26 June 07 Misquotations from the Pali CanonComment on a Quotation from Buddhist texts
m07 25 June 07 More on the Energy CrunchComment on a Paper on Peak Oil
m06 20 June 07 The Impending Energy CrunchCorrespondence on Peak Oil and related issues
m05 12 June 07 In Search of UtopiaOn a Definition of Utopia
m04 4 June 07 Immolation by Fire in Abrahamic ReligionSequel to bloc m03
m03 3 June 07 New Thinking in Religion?Comments on article by Quintus Perera
m02 2 June 07 Population BombThe impact of religion on poulation growth
m01 1 June 07 IntroductionGuidelines for the MANUSSA Blogs Page