Population Growth and Religion

A recent post by Dick Clifford drew attention to the "critical connection between population size and climate change". There is little doubt that the ecological crisis facing the world is caused by two factors: (1) unbridled population growth, especially in the developing world, and (2) unchecked consumerism in the developed world requiring more and more energy to sustain increasingly affluent lifestyles. Both factors are coming together in the growing economic power of countries like China and India in this century, thus accelerating the ecological crisis. These factors have the potential of negating any gains by reducing carbon emissions and other panaceas for ecological disaster now touted.

But the question is: how can population growth be checked? The conventional argument that growing affluence will reduce family size and thus population growth may not work in the light of new forces that are now at work. This is the use of population numbers as political factors. In this connection there is an aspect of particular interest to Humanists, viz. the relationship of population growth to religion. Under our present system parents can induct their children automatically in their own religion. Thus religion mongers try to make their population to grow at a faster rate than the national average. If this takes place over a long time their followers will form the majority. They can they get political religion users to put their religious dogmas into the common law, thus perpetuating a vicious circle. In Australia the Catholics have overtaken the Protestants and this is factor in the increase in religiocity, diversion of public funds to church schools etc.

In the wider world there is the clash between Christianity and Islam which has resulted in the upsurge in terrorism and religious wars as seen in Iraq and Afghanistan. The article I have appended below by one Swadhin shows how Islam-mongers use this as a way of converting the world to Islam. In a particular country from whatever base they start if Muslims propagate at a faster rate than the national average they must at some time become the majority. Then they can use the democratic process to introduce the Sharia. Swadin's remedy may not be acceptable to all, but this fact is already creating a counter-reaction in Europe, America and even in Australia. The recent triumph of the right in France and other European countries is an indicator of this. In Australia the Labor party has taken a sharp turn to the right.

As much of the projected population rise is expected to take place in Asia it is nor surprising that Asia has become a battleground for unethical conversion by Christians and also by Islamists. Christians have been taking the lead in unethical conversion using their financial resources and capitalising on the poverty of many Asian countries to convert people by simply offering them bribes. The Asian Tsunami saw Westerners donating large amounts of money to Christian charities under the belief that this money will be used to help those affected by this disaster. But what has happened in many countries is that these charities like World Vision has used this money to convert people (unethically) to whom they have extended their help. Muslim charities have also chipped in and are using money generated from their oil revenues for this purpose.

In the recent visit to Brazil the Pope preached his anti-birth control message so that many unwanted pregnancies will result giving the Church the oppotunity to baptize these children. There seems to be a decline in the number of Catholics in Brazil and the Pope no doubt hopes to use the remaining faithful to increase their number by breeding. He does not care about the ecological consequences of this, particularly in the deforestation of the Amazon basin resuling in the extermination of many species and even native population.

I think a way in which Humanists can stop population growth where it is spurred by religious rivalry is to agitate to remove the right given to parents and religion-mongers to convert infants and young children to their own religions. This should be declared a violation of the fundamental rights of the child, i.e. to be free of religious or political indoctrination by adults during the period of their minority. The present Charter of Rights of the Child contains some hints but it should be stated more clearly and included in a separate Head. While it may not be possible to fully implement such a right the very existence of it in a charter of rights will act as some brake and make it clear to those who are practicing it that they are in violation of a basic Right of the Child. Of course this should be addition to other measures like safe birth control and sex education, which are of course being attacked by religionists, especially Islamic and Catholic.

Victor Gunasekara

The Population Bomb?
Why Islam World's Fastest-growing Religion

by Swadhin

Islam Watch : 2007-05-09

The best way to describe the most powerful weapon aiding the advent of the evil ideology of Islam is the late Yasser Arafat's statement that his greatest asset and weapon was not any militant group but the Arab mother. Arafat knew, as we must know, that the rate of reproduction of Muslims threatens to make Israel a Muslim-majority state by the end of the century! No need for any serious diplomacy or peace deals – just keep the mania going for a few more decades, and Israeli Muslims will be powerful enough to force the Jews into submission.

The prospect of this demographic, population "jihad" – multiplying to increase the Muslim community's political power – is a disgusting but the most powerful, final weapon in the armory of Islam's evil armies. Aided by social and cultural factors, Muslim men and women are encouraged by religious leaders to procreate more, have as many children as possible, in order to overwhelm the "Kaffirs." Such tactics are endorsed by the (Un) holy Qur'an, which instructs Muslims to always bear enmity towards the "Kaffirs," to lie and deceive in order to serve Allah's cause, to enslave them and spill their blood. Some major examples of the population bomb are:

Some of the realities that truly infuriate me are:

  1. India was partitioned in 1947 to create a Muslim homeland in Pakistan and modern Bangladesh (then East Pakistan). Now Bangladesh is off-loading its Muslims onto India. These Bengali Muslims can easily demand another partition, to chop off the northeastern arm of India as an independent Muslim state or a part of Bangladesh. Russia's Muslims are openly supportive of secessionism in Chechnya, Dagestan and other Muslim-majority areas. Chinese Muslims are struggling behind the scenes for an "Uighuristan." Nigeria's Muslim-majority north is vying for secession.
  2. In Russia, China and India, the Muslim populations form the lowest-rung of the socio-economic scale – unemployment, poverty and ignorance are rampant as millions of Muslims waste their time in stuffy rooms called "madrassahs," memorizing the 8th century terror manual, Al-Quran. In Western Europe, a plurality of Muslims are unemployed and uneducated – surviving on the earnings of the native populations, which must support them through their generous welfare systems. European Muslims waste their days in local mosques and madrassahs, watching Arab propaganda channels and ranting against the native populations of their adopted nations in ethnic restaurants. The violence experienced over the last two years in France, Britain and Sweden attests that these Muslims are anything but docile. Some would admire their boldness in attacking the majorities in their own native lands.
  3. The absolutely evil use of reproduction and the Satanic disregard for the value of life – instead of cherishing and holding sacred the power of creating life, Muslim families are baby-production factories. No consideration is given about the child's future, prospects and whether the parents can feed, shelter and educate him/her. What is important is the mullah's call to grow in numbers, so that the Ummah may overcome the kaffirs. Is it hard to believe? Islam's indoctrination is responsible for their socio-economic-political isolation, leaving them desperate and feeling helpless. So they are not afraid or shy of using their ultimate weapon.

The Muslim strategy is likely to provoke the following response:

  1. Limiting/Stopping Muslim immigration – quite possible and practical, but stopgap patchwork. The problem is that the already-resident Muslims are multiplying rapidly – how will you stop that? Also, each nation has to contend with its own ethnic and religious minorities, which will not support such an immigration or deportation policy on the fear of "Who's Next?" Just see how much trouble the U.S. is having in stopping clearly-defined "illegal" immigration from Mexico – who is going to stop the legal immigration and asylum-seekers, let alone the internal baby-production factories set up in Detroit, Chicago and New York by "American Muslims?"
  2. Genocide/Civil War – no mincing words. As exhibited during the 2002 Gujarat violence in India, native communities will not hesitate to use extreme brutality to counter this problem. It should be noted that the Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi made a speech warning Muslims against having babies to overcome the Hindu majority. Similar genocidal violence has occured in Assam against Bangladeshi infiltrators. Both Gujarat and Assam are deeply polarized, with Hindus and Muslims living in complete separation. It is hardly likely that the BNP, anti-immigrant Dutch parties and right-wing politicians like Jean-Marie Le Pen of France, Jorge Haider of Austria, Vladimir Zhirinovsky of Russia and the BNP's Nick Griffin will hesitate in prescribing the nasty and inhumane. The problem with violence is two-fold – (1) why should we become like the Muslims, devaluing life and poisoning our own conscience? (2) is it ever possible to control such violence?
  3. Collusion or surrender – (see Dhimmi); the leaders of Sweden are already preparing for "hara-kiri," publicly requesting Muslims to "treat them gently" when they finally take power while ordering the odd grumbler to "stop endangering the rest of us." India's left-wing parties want the Muslim vote bank to propel them to national power. Israeli leaders are preparing to sacrifice East Jerusalem in order to preserve the Jewish-majority. U.S. politician Nancy Pelosi has already sported the hijab and offered prayers in a mosque – might as well recite the Shahadah and prepare to share her husband with 3 other women. And let's not forget people like Yvonne Ridley and associated masochists, who enjoy the prospect of pain and suppression.
  4. All of the above – (see panic).

This is what is happening and likely to happen over the course of this century. Now comes my vision of what "should" happen:

Take the example of Mahatma Gandhi – when he came on to the scene, all of India's peoples were fragmented and divided. Almost all "senior" leaders criticized his ideas of civil disobedience. Beginning with a modest victory in the district of Champaran in 1918, Gandhi unleashed a national, non-violent rebellion by 1920. Despite failure in 1922, Gandhi would unleash the power of "Satyagraha" successfully in 1930 and 1942. Even if you consider it to have had no real effect on India's eventual independence, you cannot deny that Gandhi brought together millions of people of different ethnic groups, religions and regions to forge a national movement – and a nation that today sustains the longest tradition of secularism and democracy in Asia and Africa. Also note, Gandhi's career began when he led the Indian community in South Africa (a fragment of the population) to victory in a civil rights struggle.

Believe it or not, the first people to fear Gandhi were not the British, but the Muslims. Jinnah left the Congress and most Muslims never listened to Gandhi because he evoked the philosophies of Hinduism and looked like a Hindu saint. Plus, Muslims began fearing Gandhi's non-violent, popular revolution because it empowered Hindus to effectively resist imperialism. Remember that most Muslim politicians were loyal to British rule and later jumped to demand Pakistan. The only time they joined Gandhi was for their own selfish cause – the protection of the Caliphate in Turkey. Can you believe that? Indian Muslims were so selfish that the throne of the Turkish sultan was something they were willing to die for, while supporting imperial oppression in their own country and practicing bigotry against their compatriot Hindus.

Thus, the soldiers of freedom must:

  1. Stay loyal to their own principles – hate no one, for absolutely no reason, be it race, culture or politics. Muslims keep their minds and hearts filled with hate and closed to love. Be the exact opposite.
  2. Be fearless – remember, death is better than dhimmitude. Better to die for lack of fresh air of freedom rather than suffocate alive in the smog of slavery and hate. To hell with political correctness and accusations of racism! You know, deep inside your heart and your mind, that what you are fighting for is freedom, human dignity and peace. Do not listen to the deceitful attacks of Muslims, who are only too happy to portray non-Muslims as evil persons – remember the Qur'anic verses describing the disbelievers as filthy, pigs, and animals not worthy of life? Do not listen to the liberal, secularist chatter of your own, who fail to realize that no Muslim nation has a democracy, no Muslim nation protects its religious minorities and no Muslim nation recognizes anything such as free speech or human rights, which civilized nations take for granted.
  3. Employ peace and freedom as your weapons – Gandhi did not win millions of hearts and minds by espousing violent revolution – many others had tried that and failed. Gandhi is unique, is remembered only because of his guts to do what nobody thought could be done. Thus, do not resort to reactionary, stopgap and morally compromised ideas as deporting Muslims or stopping immigration. Do not endorse violence from your own ranks.
  4. Soldiers of freedom should launch civil disobedience and peaceful public protests. If the Muslims can openly rally in Hyde Park, London to call for the destruction of the West, just think of the impact if thousands of ordinary people begin protests against Islam. Sing the songs of freedom and peace to show the whole world that we are not hate-mongers. Be completely non-violent – this is important for action in Muslim countries – if you show you are willing to take blows, risk jail and torture, you will shatter the Muslim myth about kaffirs. You shall also prove that human courage and desire for freedom is greater than fear of Allah.
  5. Do not punish others for flaws that you share - the Germans fell prey to the evil of Nazism, as did the Russians to Communism, the Americans and South African whites to racial segregation, the Indians to caste discrimination and untouchability, the Hutus and Tutsis of Africa to tribal warfare. So don't think for a second that the Muslims cannot be freed from their current state of zombies under the spell of perverted witch doctors following the recipes of a dead Arab terrorist.
  6. Do not "react" to the Muslim strategies – killing Muslims because they are multiplying is submitting to their values – the lack of value for life and human dignity and the pressure. You must respond not defensively by lashing out in sporadic bursts of anger, but by waging a concerted effort, a focused assault on the foundations of the Muslim war effort.
  7. Have faith in the human nature – Muslims have the same DNA, which is deeper and stronger than the Al-Quran's poison fumes. Remember that humanity was born 10,000 years ago in what is now Iraq; that the first human rights declaration was adopted not in 1948 in New York but thousands of years ago in what is now Iran! Remember, although the Germans were guilty of supporting the Nazi party, the crimes were committed by the few thousands of the SS, while the war was waged by those who joined the German armed forces – admittedly a large number, but a fraction of the German population as a whole. Today, the German nation as a whole is free, open-minded and democratic. People can change – remember that! After all, why do the British build statues and pay accolades to the "half-naked Hindu fakir" who brought down the British Empire? Help democracy grow in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and other Muslim nations – give them a taste of freedom, and they will want nothing else.
  8. Be ruthless – in forcing Muslims to confront reality and in keeping your own conscience clean. Do not cringe or fear the Muslim tantrums, the defensive violence or guilty panic – force them to see the light. Take their blows, curses and emotions so you can be a mirror and show them the nature of the evil that inhabits their souls. The more spine you show, the more strength and fierce determination you exhibit, the more Muslims will learn to respect you – Muslims do not expect anybody to put up a tough fight against their God and religion, which they believe to be absolutely true. Thus, the stronger your determination and sacrifice, the more you are willing to give for freedom, the more Muslims will realize that you are not just "filthy najis" but a righteous force that their perverted excuse for Satan called Allah cannot scare off with his vision of hellfire.
  9. Remember that Muslim immigration to the West has given Muslims the first taste of freedom, the opportunity to break out of the shackles. Heroes such as Ayaan Hirsa Ali, Ibn Warraq, Ali Sina, Salman Rushdie, Taslima Nasreen and so many others would have been hunted down and killed by now, if they were in the Islamic world or forced to return to their countries. The West is not under siege – the West and countries like India, China and those in Southeast Asia are the battlefields – you have to fight and win there to force the Islamic world to implode. Once the Islamic world sees that Muslims are leaving Islam and embracing humanity and freedom in these countries, it will implode in panic and insecurity. It will be forced to see its reality, the evil face of Islam.
  10. Don't try to humiliate Muslims, but give them hope and inspiration from their own past before Islam – the Mesopotamian civilization, the Persian civilization, the Phoenicians, the glories of ancient Egypt, etc. Show them how they led the world before becoming slaves of Islam. After Islam, these regions have remained mired in conflict, poverty, ignorance and misery. It seems as if the people of Mesopotamia and Persia had no link to the modern inhabitants of Iraq and Iran. Islam in fact, tries to steal the achievements of non-Islamic peoples while portraying them as sinners and evil beings.

Many of the soldiers of freedom will not survive – many will lose their freedom, their families and their security. But what then is the purpose of remembering Gandhi, remembering Christ, remembering Anne Frank and Steve Biko, the sacrifices and valor of soldiers of World Wars if you are not interesting in paying the same price for your future, for your children?

The most important question you need to answer yourself is – are you a Dhimmi or a human being? If the answer is the latter, then the "war against Islam" has already been won.