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  1. Buddhism Page The official Page of the Buddhist Society of Queensland.
  2. ACSLU Page The Australian Centre for Sri Lankan Unity Page devoted to the separatist problem in Sri Lanka.
  3. Manussa A Page devoted to secular Humanism, with special emphasis on the Asian contribution to Humanism..
  4. The Sutta Group Essays on some suttas in the Buddhist Pali Canon.
  5. Unethical Conversion Page A Page devoted to Unethical Conversion Activity mainly in Sri Lanka.
  6. Sri Lanka Page Documents on Sri Lanka not covered in the ACSLU page (option 2 above).
  7. Hela Page Articles written in the Sinhala or Hela language. Documents in English relating to Hela are also included.
  8. Blogs Comments on current issues.
  9. Vedantic Buddhism A book by J.G. Jennings.
  10. Suttapiṭka Saṅkepa Abstracts of all Suttas in the Buddhist Pali Canon.



This Web Domain contains several Pages devoted to Buddhism, Sri Lanka, Secular Humanism (including the Critique of Theistic Religions), Religious Conversion and related subjects.  Some of the documents were written a few years back and have been transferred from their original Web Site, others are of more recent origin.  Many Web Pages are still under construction and we hope that you will return periodically to view new additions.

Victor Gunasekara
Convenor of the Web Domain


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